“The best marketing doesn’t feel like marketing.” - Tom Fishburne

A Technology and Performance Driven Agency With Creativity At Its Core

Creative Services and Influencer Media Powerhouse for the
Indian Market.

If your brand is looking at colossal scales in marketing campaigns, then Lucidspace is THE agency for you! We churn creative content-driven campaigns and monthly media distribution volumes unparalleled in the industry. If your brand wants to cluster bomb and obliterate your competition, reach out to us asap!

What we do

We are a creative content & influencer media powerhouse We are a technology and data-driven entity whose only core focus is to extract maximum ROI to our brands through creative communication and methodically curated influencer media.

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Who is our target

We work with brands in the D2C space who want to exponentially grow PAN India in the shortest duration of time with the most potent communication and marketing strategies extracting maximum ROI and the best bang for the buck.

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Our approach

We lead our entire strategy of content and curation only on data that is driven by our own IP-based Technology that extracts the key statistics that make a particular content or creator work for brands. We analyze the trends on why it has worked well and implement it into our campaign DNA.

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Creators Activated

Campaign Executed

Happy Brands

Lines of Code

Our work

Lucidspace has worked with the top brands across India, especially in the tech and D2C space across all categories. We have been the market leaders in understanding the requirements of brands in the D2C space in India and have ensured continuous success for many of them year on year.

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